Marriage Spells for Wedding Dreams and Proposals

Marriage Spells for Wedding Dreams and Proposals

How My Wedding Dream Came True with Marriage Spells

Dan and I have been living together in an apartment for almost five years now. We were introduced to each other by a friend in common. Right at that first encounter, we hit it off and could not stop looking at each other’s eyes. He was perfect for me and everything I wanted in someone’s personality when dating. He loved to travel, there was a passionate attitude about every goal and aspiration he had in life just like me. Whether we were going on a simple road trip out of the city or an adventure Internationally over the great pond, every interaction was always special and made me feel a close connection to our relationship. I felt like we could share a life together in marriage.

Three months after we met, we decided to move in together and I assumed that marriage would have followed quickly. I never thought I would have to have contacted Morticia Rose on her Urgent Contact Form for marriage spells. We were simply perfect and in love without spells. The things that were going great made me feel it was only a matter of time before he proposed. I knew in my heart, it would not be long until the question was popped that I should marriage him. My boyfriend had to have known it was on my mind by this point.

To be honest, I had everything planned in my mind – from what the proposal would be like with my friends surrounding us at an exclusive location downtown, to the specific detail of the wedding and which important people from work I wanted to include to smear in their face just how happy my relationship with my boyfriend was compared to their complaints about their wives. I thought what I had to do was wait. Why waste money on marriage spells? This was going to happy on it’s own. The love spells had worked. The need for spell casting from Morticia was unnecessary because we were already in love and spells were for people that needed to get love back in their life.

And so I waited – for months and now, years but still no question came from my boyfriend about marriage. I thought maybe work kept him busy and it was not on his mind. I decided to take him shopping through a jewelry store and point out some beautiful marriage rings that may some day be on my finger. I wanted to see if this could work on my boyfriend but his comments told me that he just did not get that this was the next step in a relationship. I think because his mom was never married that it may not have been too obvious that people in love would have a ceremonial wedding.

As time went on, I became even unsure of Dan loved me and I doubted whether it was a real relationship connection that we were sharing. Does he have any plans of marrying me at all? Would I not make a good wife? Was I not good enough to become to become a wife with kids? Where does he see us going? I spoke with Morticia Rose and requested a psychic reading from her. I had questions about the future. I needed one of her psychic readings to tell me if we were together in the future. When the psychic reading came back with an absolute and positive yes that we were in each other’s future. I knew something more had to be done to make sure it happened.

The stress from the questions and doubts came flooding into my mind. I knew I had to let it out and talk to someone. I confided in my best of friend. After several months of talking and no action upon the marriage part, I finally decided to tell my closest friend to tell my boyfriend that I wanted to get married through a harmless chat while I excused myself from the dinner table.
I was happy I did and I felt like that was going to be the thing that got me the proposal. Finally letting it all out in words was extremely comforting and having her say the exact thing that my boyfriend needed to hear was relieving and took the pressure off my mind.

These girlfriends have always been there for me and a source of support for love, so I was hoping that they could give me the direction to go next with my boyfriend. They had a lot to say about getting married, how men have cold feet and the advantages to really feeling like a team, but one advice that really stuck to my mind was Lauren’s suggestion to use spells. She told me to turn to spell casting and while some people at the table had no idea what she was talking about, I knew I had done love spells before and had them work. It never occurred to me until that moment that marriage spells were a possibility. It was not just when you need love back in your life that you can use the spells, but also when you need the next step in a relationship to happen.

Right after dinner, I went home and immediately turned on the computer and logged on. I found Morticia Rose’s urgent contact page that let me talk to her immediately. I tried to make sure she knew this was urgent and I was contacting her on the form instead of email for the right reasons. Her marriage spells sounded so powerful! I was wishing I had remembered them sooner. After browsing the most powerful marriage spell and one other one involving a wedding proposal and extra reception gifts at from wedding guests, I went for the combination spell for marriage first. Why not get more gifts at your wedding too?

I wanted the spell work to hurry the darn up. I felt that it was my only hope because everything I had tried early from shopping in a jewelry store to having my friend tell my boyfriend that we should get married never worked for me. Three weeks later, I finally got my answer and hear from Dan about it.

Dan told me to meet him at the restaurant after work because he was tired of cooking at home. The simple dinner turned to be the marriage proposal I never wanted, but I would take it in the most simplest form if I had to for being together for the rest of our lives. The restaurant was booked exclusively for us and there was no one in this side room that I was escorted to for the meal. I went inside the candle lit room, I knew what was coming next because he was dressed up more fancy and in better clothing than if he came from work. He finally proposed marriage to me before the meal was over!

I was very happy. I do not remember what I told my friends or what happened next, I was so happy and overwhelmed. I do know that I thanked Morticia for her help and marriage spells. She was happy to get the email from me. I think it was the biggest mistake ever to not realize that spells can work on secondary love and relationship problems too. I am glad I contacted her twice!

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