New Lover And New Relationships

New Lover And New Relationships

There are some close friends of mine who I find attractive and I would love to date them, but I either discover that they are gay attractive men or married already to a lover – but bottom line is that they make it known that they are unavailable and I don’t push it. I finally gave up and considered spells. What happens more often is that I attract to someone that is not attracted to me and I waste all my time on this to find a dead end. I do not dress provocatively or in a matter of indecent exposure, nor do I hang out at bars, pubs or such speed dating scenes where you can not figure out what is going on in time before you are suppose to move to the next table. New potential lovers will approach me from random places like the mall, groceries or in restaurants, and even at some corporate event. This is how the attract a new lover spells started the process of finding me the love of my life.

When I was sobbing over no one buying me a birthday, I decided to have Morticia Rose cast a second new love and attraction spell because I had saw it had worked on a second girl looking for new love. This recent discovery of mine that showed all these difference successes with Morticia Rose’s spell casting was at where I could read about other people’s struggles and new I was not alone. I had nothing to loose after reading the success with spells and my heart was already sad from having no one in my life to give me a birthday present, so I asked for one of Morticia’s spells. I felt so silly at the time. I still can not tell the story straight of how I ended up so old without attracting a lover.

Love does come in extraordinary places because that weekend, right after the spells were cast, there was an art exhibit hosted by a close friend of mine that does painting for a living and has high hopes of being well known. It was something I’m used to attending and the same boring crowd of people that walk around looking at her artwork. To my pleasant surprise and mouth dropping in fashion, there were a few new faces attending the display at the front. I was feeling giddy inside because I knew I had just done a spell cast to attract new love. I knew I was expecting something to happen this week!

He said he was an art dealer from New York when he finally made his way around the room to me. I must have drank several slender wine glasses by the time the conversation started with him. I felt like spells were working! We struck a conversation all throughout the evening, he insulted my friends artwork in the same way that I had always felt about it, which made me feel like he had the same perspective on life.  Quick after we parted ways, and then came back to asked if he could call me up the next time that he had to come to town for business endeavors. This was the first time I found someone that shared the same views in life and spoke my language about the world. The time had flown by when we were talking. The energy around him seems very different almost like I was sensing Morticia Rose’s attract new love spell cast around his body. I was feeling a trance and calm attraction to him from the love spell. It was a really great feeling! The attract love spell made me very personal and intimate in his personal space. I finally snapped out of this lull and provided him my phone number for the next time he was in town.

Excited and thrilled, he did come back to say hello before the month ended! He did give me a welcomed hug good night. When he called me up at the office asking for me I get concerned for what my coworkers were gossiping about inside. They all were smiling. He took me for lunch and it was enjoyable until I snapped my heel on the chipped concrete at the restaurants patio!

It has been two weeks since our first kiss! The moment and struggle seems so distant in the past now that this story is hard to tell. I had come back to request from Morticia Rose a marriage spell to provide the next step. I think with how happy our relationship is and how busy he is with business in more than one city that getting the marriage spells going to make it happen sooner. He’s so busy he probably has not had time to think about it. I felt it was okay to ask on her contact form for this too, after all, I have been willing to share my happiness with the world.


Relationships are the most popular choice to cast a spell upon. Spell casters with a pure heart will tend to choose to dedicate their entire schedule to love relationships. They feel a draw towards the desire to heal a broken heart and amend the love connection they have with each set of lovers. The strong emotions of love and the empowerment of bringing people out of loneliness can be intrinsically rewarding for this type of spell caster.

Morticia Rose’s operative relationship resolutions and love spells cast upon the situation have been sought out by many distressed people. The spiritual guidance and advice will help the person calm the chaos in their own soul. This will help boast the energy and the casters ability to cast an effective love spell that works. This mixture of verbal, emotional healing over time and spell casting has been the fastest to a happy outcome.

Connections are important to success with spells and the guaranteed results you deserve. It is important that you get along with your spell caster because the communication and successful relationship with the spell caster is going to gain you the results desired in the romance and love relationship. It is ironic. You can not succeed when you are on bad terms with the person that needs to help you.

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