Not Wanting To Move On From Ex Lover

Not Wanting To Move On From Ex Lover

Not Wanting To Move On From Ex Lover – boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse
Blocking Spells And Not Wanting To Move On

My girlfriend of two years broke up with me about 5 months ago, since then, we have been yo-yoing off and on in the relationship. Her and I are not wanting to move on and yet we also do not want to stay as a couple. We have both attempted to see other people, but it just aggravates the other person to try to be in an open relationship or poly, and I guess we both still care that we are something special to the other person and think about our relationship in a monogamous fashion.

I spoke to Morticia Rose about the yo-yo problem on her Urgent Contact Form over the course of several weeks. It was just a few weeks prior, that I found out my girlfriend was seeing this officemate of hers from work. It really pissed me off because I always knew her co-worker had a crush on her and she wouldn’t admit it. I felt like spell casting a blocking spell on him right then and there! When she revealed to me that she had already dated him twice, and that they were going to the movies for a third date, I just lost my temper at her that it is over. I broke it off and ended the relationship between us! This was my girlfriend with other boyfriends! This is tough. I found out through a common friend that she called their third date off and never ended up going. All I could think about was whether it was because she loved me or because I put a blocking spell on her other boyfriend using Morticia’s Spells.

I moved on, last week, to going on speed dating and relationship websites. I was meeting this blind date at a bar not to far from where I work and what a coincidence, my ex girlfriend was there too. So I started coping with the situation by getting drunk and started making out with my blind date, which pushed my blind date away and further made my ex madly jealous from the kissing scene. The ex girlfriend slapped me and pulled me aside before my date had a chance to tell me if she liked the kissing session, and my date became embarrassed and dropped cash for her drinks, then left me hanging. Meanwhile, we exchanged a heated arguments in front of the whole crowd and it ended with her storming out of the pub crying.

I was left all alone. I felt very alone. I attempted to talk to Morticia through my phone about whether the blocking spells and love spells were still active on my ex-girlfriend and the potential co-worker she was dating. I wanted a sense of comfort that I didn’t blow it with my girl. I still loved her a so much and did not know what to do. So I decided to just get so drunk and wasted for the remaining of the night. I made sure to leave enough money for a cab. I totally forgot how I got home, but I had the morning crash of a life time, hugging my toilet and wishing this city was a little big bigger or that I had made arrangements of a bar further from work.

The day after, my ex girlfriend called me because she was still upset about what I said. I told her forget about it. I was not in the mood for this chat when my ears were so sensitive that every sound was ringing. I rambled in the conversation that I did not even know what I was talking about at the bar. I was drunk. I sure as heck ca not remember any of it. I apologized quickly and said I was drunk due to ordering too many shots. She was crying again and she apologized for not recognizing the condition that I was under at the bar. She said I should just be able to do what I wanted since we are no longer a couple anyway. Her offer was that maybe I should go get a girlfriend, so that I would not be jealous when she continued dating the co-worker from her company and career life. I realized that I did not really want that for myself, but before I could do anything she had already hanged up.

I asked Morticia Rose if she could cast an amend my love spell to make sure my girlfriend didn’t carry these emotions forward. I wanted to make it up to her by making sure she did not feel the sting of that night. Spells had worked. She still had yet to understand that I still loved her and did not want another girl. I asked for recommendations on how to use rituals and incantations for making my girlfriend realize we both still love each other. I could not just keep spell casting blocking spells on her new boyfriends. It was not a long term solution.

I didn’t know what to make of it, since the choices were in my hands and I could do whatever I wanted with my life. I felt like it was not an easy situation. I was analyzing that we obviously still like each other and feel love towards one another, but we still did things that pissed the other off for the additional attention and love. I guessed that if we were to give the relationship another go and stop blocking our feelings for each other, we would have to swallow our pride in order to give us a fighting chance.

I called her up and tried to sound very air light on the subject matter of being a couple. She snapped that she did not want to hear any of my crap anymore. She had hit her max on what she would tolerate. And then she hung-up! I was so shocked at how she instantly reacted. It felt like cold water got doused on me. My girlfriend changed her number and I felt like everything was lost at this point. I really felt like it was over. I felt so much love for her.

Seeing as I had already committed to blocking spells that worked, I resolved to try another time, but this time with a little nudge in the right direction from Morticia and the forward thinking of making us a couple rather then being defensive and preventative towards her having other boyfriends. You can only block so many people and the world had many potential mates for her. I found out about this gifted love spell caster at her website from my previous search on Facebook. I decided I wouldn’t just listen to half the advice she gave me on her Urgent Contact Form when I first contacted her. I decided to go full throttle with all the advice and spiritual help. It had worked so far and I kept blocking my feelings or I would not have ended up messing it up.

I went for Morticia Rose’s triple love spell cast book and choose all three that would bind us into a relationship. When I received notification that Morticia had cast the spell successfully for me, I tried calling my ex again and got the message that she had changed her number. This made me certain it was permanent and not just my phone that day. I started an elaborate plan to make sure that I physically ran into her again. There was a place that she would always go after work, so I boldly walked up to her and started a chat. The person turned around and it was not her. She was not there that night. I thought, this is stupid, I am relying upon your spells Morticia and they don’t work for me! I went home. That is where I found my ex waiting for me at the front door and sitting in the cold!

I am sure you know what happened next! It was the best night of my life. I barely had to wait for spells to work. I wanted people to have faith too. The blocking spells did not work for over a month, but the second set of love spells did and I was one of the lucky ones that did not have to wait very long for a positive outcome. This was the best night of my life. We still talk about it to this day as a couple and she is still my girlfriend. We have expanded into an open relationship now that we are clear on our own needs. I feel like it could not have happened without the love spells. You just knew that was something extra in the air that day!

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