Spellbound – Falling In Love

Spellbound – Falling In Love


She got me spellbound! I was under her spell and in love the moment I laid eyes on her. The power from Morticia Rose was so strong.

It just dawned upon me that I love her and we were to be together. I am the typical male that felt like he was in love. I have been in and out of so many relationships where nothing seemed to stick – the vast majority not even lasting by the next morning when I woke up alone in bed! This time I felt different, and I thought I got hit by the Valentine’s Cupid due with the sharp arrows. It was relatively sudden for me to awaken to my own emotions, but not quite since this was one of the few relationships that I had which survived not only the first night, but the first week and the first month. I knew I had cast some spells from Morticia Rose, but they never floated back into my mind until now.

Next thing I know, my girlfriend and I were announcing in front of friends that we were a couple. I felt a bit spellbound – am I celebrating our second month together? Or are the love spells cast upon me and my head is spinning because she wanted me too? What really made her attractive for me was her charm, self-confidence and ability to tolerate my bullshit like it was nothing, and it was like my girlfriend had cast a spell over me! I remember it being me that contacted Morticia Rose on her Urgent Contact Form.

It was midnight and she had this compassionate look on her face while we were munching on a romantic candlelit dinner and I felt like everything was a first for me! She told me I had a weird look about me and my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to tell her some deep and dark secret. I blurted out the the L word like a drooling idiot on medications with no context to the statement. Yes, I told her then and there, that I felt the need to tell her that I love her. All the while the love spells were in the back of my head because I was slobbering over the idea of love. And that I had been harboring a passionate feeling to love her and only her for this for the past few days now. It was getting kind of embarrassing for me and felt like asking Morticia if all this was her doings. Normally relationships do not last this long for me.

She kept that knowing grin on her face all throughout dinner. It was one of those devilish grins that told a story about something more being on her mind. All the way to her bed was this mysterious body language and romantic posturing! I was really intrigued, and it only served to mesmerize me even more! I felt spellbound and underneath some type of power where I was helpless to succumb to her intimate advancements.

That was when she finally told me about this love spell caster on thelovecoven.com. She asked me that I keep an open mind and perspective because she had ordered a spell to make me want to keep her around. She felt like all her boyfriends were abandoning her.

I could barely keep my mind clear, so I did not mention that I had contacted her on the Urgent Contact Form too. So I agreed to the idea of love and sharing! She proceeded to ask me if I was genuinely happy with her and I felt under a love spell so I rambled on about how perfect she was with this dazed mind thing going on. Though I know I did not have to really think about it and there was a mysterious energy in the air, it gave a thought for a few moments and concluded that yes this was love and the real thing.

I have never been quite happier in my entire life. This love relationship made me feel complete. The next question she asked was if I wanted to make her feel that happiness women alive too and go down on her. This was an amazing night that I could not ignore. It felt like I was drinking beer, wine and rum all at the same time. I immediately said of course I would love to eat her. I only want to make her feel what she makes me feel. Was it the love spells talking? Or was it me expressing it?

And then she asked me if I believed in love spells, and I had to admit that I believed just as much as she did in magic. Still, she had that knowing smile on her face when she explained to me that she had this Akychi Spell Master named Morticia Rose cast a powerful love spell over me.

So, I finally admitted to casting a love spell on her too. Her face went pale white and could not believe we did the same thing. We had both found this business card in the library that day and tried the idea of magic and witchcraft. In the morning, we both contacted Morticia by email and she said she had got us both results so quickly that we made a record for the shortest time ever in spell casting. She wanted people to know our story.

We are still together to this day. It was the most weird and wildest experience. We both believe and ask Morticia for other types of help all the time. I am finally happy in love now. You should contact the lady on her Urgent Contact Form if you need help with love too. God only knows I sure did need something to keep me from jumping from person to person. I had a wild side. It was hard to settle down without the spells.

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