True Love Spells for Dating And Attracting Love

True Love Spells for Dating And Attracting Love

Finding True Love

I was never the lucky one at love. I’m 36 years old now. It has been years since my last real relationship or anything you could call substantial where someone slept beside me. The past two relationships I have been in, ended in disaster and rather quickly due to no fault of my own. Both the men cheated on me! The first one with his ex, and the second one with his new blonde coworker officemate at work during lunch. I was totally ready to find true love and I didn’t mind using spells to do it from a spell caster like Morticia Rose. Bring it on! Sign me up for the urgent contact form! I had enough and really wanting to find true love and a real relationship!

I felt jinxed or cursed like a witch had hexed me at the time. My closest friends used to joke about my curse of ex-lovers and never finding a true love. In the past, I hated it whenever they call me a cursed soul. It was when I began to start dating Jake and hit a relationship with him, almost feeling happy about our connection, that I started to believe all the joking around with my friends.

Jake and I were introduced at a friend’s party and in the middle of summer. I had just exited a poor relationship from my past, I tried not to see him as that next cute prospect. I was done with finding true love and all those romantic chic flick movie ideas about what love should look like when you find them. Morticia Rose had told me to be patient with my true love spells and I did exactly that – took the advice of a spell caster – and just continued conversations with Jake as a friend.

Jake and I started out as friends for the first couple of months. I never thought for a moment that he was related to the spell work I had cast. We seldom went out together as a couple, doing anything romantic and I just saw him every time our common friends would get together for dinner outs or a potluck at Nicole’s house during the BBQ season. Little by little, we got to know each other and get deeper into conversations about how we liked the same movies or found the same politician to be a political joke, until the time came when he finally asked me out to dinner on our own time. Could this be love spells at work?

I hesitated to move on and take another chance at love. This could easily be another round of disaster. I had known Jake at the time that I did the true love spells so I was thinking to myself that Morticia Rose would have done her spell casting for someone entirely not in my life at the time of the spell cast. This person could not be related to what real love and true relationship could look like for me. I contacted her on the Urgent Contact Form again and asked for a love spell that could speed up the process of meeting the one true love that I should be dating because I felt in a panic that the relationship with Jake could advance into a romantic one and there was someone else I should have been with on a date.

And given that I’ve known the guy for several months now – it seemed a good idea to say yes and then I could just cancel if Morticia told me that this was not my future path or part of my psychic reading. Our first date was perfect and everything I had hoped it to be with a man. We had a romantic dinner on a local restaurant down on the docks where they caught fish and bring lobsters into the restaurants, we then went dancing and ended the night with a simple kiss on the cheek on the boardwalk. The night was lovely and the conversations we shared were similar interests in common. It felt like a head rush. It felt like a true love and someone that wanted to be with only me. If felt right, was this the spells cast?

That night, I become hopeful again. I could not sleep. Deep inside, I was afraid of getting cheated on again. I read Morticia Rose’s email that true love can come in many forms. It did not have to be someone new in my life, but could be true lover that had already been in my life prior to the spell casting. My past relationships did not start as good as what I had with Jake that night and I wanted to relax on the issue. Each time I tried to relax, I had been so wrong and found myself hurt by the betrayal of my partners. It turned out that he was yet another wrong decision, then I would never go out on a date again.

Jake and I only got through our 5th date when he suddenly stopped calling. Several days later, I found out he got back together with his ex girlfriend. I found the news delivered by the worse of people. I ran across my ex-boyfriend on the street and he shared the gossip. Another addition to the list, I thought and I was so distressed that I had Morticia cast one more spell thinking the first one was weakened and not powerful enough.

The first time I found out about it, I actually did not feel that hurt in the same way. I felt numb and unmotivated instead. I was hoping, wishing and praying that he’d be the one I would finally end up with for marriage but unfortunately, it was not so and this ex-partner of his was going to be back in life. I had wasted all that time dating him and spending time with a man that never wanted me. I was his rebound. I guess I’m just getting so used to being left behind all the time, it just grows on you and you think that you are cursed or hexed with black magic preventing you from finding true love.

Morticia Rose did a cleansing spell on me and made sure there were no hexes or curses blocking my love life. We made sure there was not another spell caster or witches in the picture. I had heard from one of my own friends that some times spells from people that do not know how to do white spell casting would interfere with the real results and true spells done by the real caster like Morticia.

I did not want to give up on love. I found that Morticia Rose was very supportive of the situation. Her guidance was very helpful on not getting emotional and working the problem in my life. She must really had how many times I kept bothering her on the Urgent Contact Form. Then, one Sunday evening, while I was just browsing through the Web waiting for sleep to come because there was so much worry on my mind, I came across her other website called and realized she had second set of love spells that were even more powerful then the basic ritual! I had be casting true love spells that were just of standard and normal strength.

What really intrigued me were the different kinds of spells that she featured on her site. As I read on some more, I came across a spell called True Love Never Gets Lost. This ritual was from before I was even born. It felt perfect for me. So without thinking twice, I begged her to do the spell casting. She normally does not do the more powerful rituals unless it has been 90 days and your situation is complex where it is appropriate, but I begged to have the spell cast earlier knowing this could be the one.

Three weeks later, I met John’s brother – Peter. I was not really in the mood for another broken heart, but I smiled and gave it a fresh chance without thinking about the past encounters. This guy was persistent and always focused on me when he courted. It seemed a bit corny and fake at first like the romantic expression was just an act. Finally, I gave in and said yes to his invitation to go on a date. It would get him off my back side. It was one of the best decisions ever and the romantic gestures came from Morticia Rose’s most potent true love spell. I was floored!

Up until today, Peter and I are still going strong and happily in love. The behavior and love he gave me was just like Morticia told me it would happen. We are now on our 9th month and there have only been a few arguments between us. I know everything good that has happened is because of Morticia Rose and her true love spell. I had been thinking that 9 months is pretty good and long for dating. I secretly asked her for marriage spell on her Urgent Contact Form page thing to top this off! I might as well hurry up and get married before I hit 45. What would my mother think of me then? I can get Morticia Rose to do it faster, then I might as well ask for help on that too!

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